Why Do My Eyes Get Dry With Contact Lenses?

If you wear contact lenses in Modesto, CA, you may sometimes experience dry eyes. The medical condition known as “dry eye” is different from the occasional feeling of having dry eyes after hours of wearing contact lenses. Dry eyes from contact lenses can be remedied by your optometrist, depending upon the reason. Following are some common reasons why your eyes might get dry from contact lenses.


The eyes need hydration just like the rest of your body. It’s possible that you simply aren’t taking in enough fluids during the day. Review your water intake and increase it if you think you might need more. This might take care of the dry eyes sensation.

Old Prescription

Contact lenses need to be replaced according to your optometrist’s instructions and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Old contact lenses dry out much faster. Call your optometrist in Modesto, CA to see if you just need a new prescription for contact lenses.

Need For Different Kind of Contact Lenses

If your dry eyes persist, you might need a different kind of contact lens, even if you’ve worn the same kind for a long time. Today, there are various lenses that help to keep the lenses comfortable after a long day of wear. These include disposable lenses, gas permeable lenses, monthly contact lenses and even sclera lenses. Your optometrist in Modesto can review all of your lens options with you to determine if a different kind might be helpful for you.

Over-wearing Contact Lenses

Ideally, your optometrist likes to see contact lens wearers to wear prescription glasses during some portion of their waking hours. If your eyes are drying out toward the end of the day, it’s often helpful to switch to your eyeglasses.

Your optometrist is available for appointments and helpful advice when you need it. Call us today to book an exam or if you have concerns about your contact lenses.

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