What Is It Like to be Fitted with Contact Lenses? 

In the United States alone, something close to 45 million people wear contact lenses. This impressive number goes to show just how many people find that wearing contacts can be preferable to wearing traditional glasses. If you are considering contact lenses in Modesto, CA, you may be wondering what the process is like when you choose to get your new lenses. Here is a closer look.

Lens Preferences, Options, and More

There are numerous types of contact lenses available, and not every type works out well for every patient. For example, patients with sensitive eyes may need gas-permeable lenses that allow oxygen to flow through, while some patients do well with a standard prescription.

The Process of Taking Measurements

When you have sorted through lens options and discussed your personal preferences, the eye doctor will begin the process of measuring your cornea to make sure the lenses are the proper fit. The optometrist will use a piece of equipment referred to as a keratometer, which takes precise measurements of the front surface of the eye and the shape of the curvature.

Learning About Your New Lenses

Once you get your new lenses, you will be shown how to properly use and maintain your contact lenses. The eye doctor or an assistant will help you put the lenses on to make sure they feel comfortable in your eyes, and then walk you through the process of removing the lenses, cleaning the lenses, and storing the lenses if you do not have disposable versions.

Looking for contact lenses in Modesto, CA?

When you get comfortable with contact lenses by working with a Modesto eye doctor, you can find that wearing the lenses is far more convenient than wearing glasses. If you would like to find out how to get contact lenses, reach out to us at Advanced Optometric Services.

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