What Is an Eye Emergency?

Eye injuries can cause intense pain. Even when they’re not life-threatening, an injury to the delicate tissue that makes up your eye can feel like life or death. When you suffer an injury of this type, you need immediate care and treatment to prevent unnecessary discomfort. Your emergency eye doctor in Modesto, CA, should be your first call for eye injuries that are painful but not life-threatening. If you’re wondering what most eye doctors consider an emergency, we have the 4-1-1.

Common Types of Eye Emergencies

An eye injury or condition is an emergency if it threatens your life, is terribly painful, affects your vision, or could cause permanent vision loss. Many problems fall under this umbrella, including:

  • Exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Corneal scratches
  • Foreign objects in the eye
  • Blunt injuries to the eye or surrounding tissue
  • Exposure to smoke or fire
  • Other facial trauma

In some instances, untreated or poorly managed diseases such as diabetes or hypertension can mutate into an eye emergency, as well. If you’re not sure whether you need emergency care for an eye issue, call advanced optometric services right away for guidance.

What to Do Until You Get to the Eye Doctor

If your eye injury is life-threatening, go to the hospital right away. Otherwise, call your eye doctor to make a same-day appointment for emergency treatment. There are some things you can do at home until help is available, such as flushing your eyes with water in the event of chemical exposure or a foreign object in the eye. If something becomes imbedded, don’t try to remove it. Instead tape an impromptu eye shield, such as a paper cup, over the eye until you can be seen by your eye professional.

For help with emergency eye care in Modesto, CA, call Advanced Optometric Services today. One of our friendly and professional representatives is waiting to help.

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