My Child Is Nervous About Going to the Eye Doctor. What Can I Do?

Some kids just get nervous when they think about going to the eye doctor. If your child is one of these children, you can help. Here’s what you need to know about helping your child adjust to seeing the eye doctor in Modesto, CA.

Set Expectations for Your Child

Setting expectations for your child can help them prepare themselves for their upcoming eye appointment. The more they know, the less they have to fear. Eye appointments do not hurt!

Tell your child why they need an eye appointment, and what the eye doctor will be looking for. Offer to play “eye doctor” with your child. Pretend you are the eye doctor and your child is a patient. Your child will learn, through play, what to expect when they visit the doctor.

Speak Positively about the Eye Doctor

You’ve probably had some experiences with the eye doctor yourself. Speak positively about your experiences, so your child will know that you’ve already been through this experience, and it was a good one. Setting the stage in this way will help your child feel more relaxed about the coming appointment.

Find an Eye Doctor Who’s Comfortable With Pediatric Patients

Children need an eye doctor that can make them feel comfortable. Find an eye doctor who has experience with pediatric patients. The more experience the eye doctor has, the more strategies they may have for putting pediatric patients at ease.

Are you seeking an eye doctor that offers pediatric eye exams in Modesto, CA? We’ve got the experience and facilities to help your little one feel comfortable. Call Advanced Optometric Services today to make an appointment for your little one.

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