My Child Is Nervous About Going to the Eye Doctor. What Can I Do?

Some kids just get nervous when they think about going to the eye doctor. If your child is one of these children, you can help. Here’s what you need to know about helping your child adjust to seeing the eye doctor in Modesto, CA.

Set Expectations for Your Child

Setting expectations for your child can help them prepare themselves for their upcoming eye appointment. The more they know, the less they have to fear. Eye appointments do not hurt!

Tell your child why they need an eye appointment, and what the eye doctor will be looking for. Offer to play “eye doctor” with your child. Pretend you are the eye doctor and your child is a patient. Your child will learn, through play, what to expect when they visit the doctor.

Speak Positively about the Eye Doctor

You’ve probably had some experiences with the eye doctor yourself. Speak positively about your experiences, so your child will know that you’ve already been through this experience, and it was a good one. Setting the stage in this way will help your child feel more relaxed about the coming appointment.

Find an Eye Doctor Who’s Comfortable With Pediatric Patients

Children need an eye doctor that can make them feel comfortable. Find an eye doctor who has experience with pediatric patients. The more experience the eye doctor has, the more strategies they may have for putting pediatric patients at ease.

Are you seeking an eye doctor that offers pediatric eye exams in Modesto, CA? We’ve got the experience and facilities to help your little one feel comfortable. Call Advanced Optometric Services today to make an appointment for your little one.

My Child’s Vision Seems Fine – Should They Still See the Eye Doctor?

Your child has great vision… or do they? Sometimes it’s hard to tell when a child has vision trouble, especially because many young children don’t know when they’re having trouble seeing. That’s why it’s important to see the eye doctor in Modesto, CA. Your child’s eye doctor can identify vision trouble, even if your child isn’t able to tell.

When to Bring Your Child to the Eye Doctor

Your child should see the eye doctor at various points throughout their childhood, even if they’re not displaying symptoms. The first visit to the eye doctor should happen by the age of one.

Your child should see the eye doctor again sometime before they enter kindergarten, even if the eye doctor didn’t catch any eye problems in the previous eye appointment. Once your child is in school, they should see the eye doctor every other year if they don’t have symptoms or corrective lenses. Your child should see the eye doctor every year if they have corrective lenses.

Signs Your Child has Trouble With Vision

Know the signs that your child is having trouble with their vision:

  • Squinting at objects
  • Holding objects close to their face, especially books
  • Excessive eye rubbing
  • Headaches
  • Eye pain
  • Covering one eye or closing one eye to see
  • Sitting close to the television

If your child is displaying any one of the symptoms above, take them in for a pediatric eye exam in Modesto, CA. At Advanced Optometric Services, we can detect vision trouble and a variety of conditions that could endanger your child’s eyesight. If it’s time for your child to see the eye doctor, call today to make an appointment.

My Child is Nervous About Their Eye Exam. What Can I Tell Them?

There’s no reason to be nervous about pediatric eye exams in Modesto, CA, but some kids still get anxious when they think about going to the eye doctor. At Advanced Optometric Services, we’re experienced in helping kids feel comfortable for their eye exams.

We also help parents talk to their children about their eye exams. If you need some talking points that can help put your child at ease before their next eye exam, here’s what you can tell them.

Eye Exams Don’t Hurt

Sometimes kids are afraid to go to the eye doctor because they’re worried that the eye exam will hurt. Eye exams are not painful! Exams can be uncomfortable at certain points – involving bright lights, puffs of air – but we’ll be happy to describe to your child everything that we’re doing before we do it, so your child will be prepared for every step of the way.

Getting Glasses Can Solve Some Problems

Does your child have a hard time concentrating in school? Is reading difficult for your child? Does your child lack reading stamina? Getting glasses can help solve some of these problems. If your child has academic trouble that bothers them, tell your child that getting glasses can help solve these problems.

Glasses Can Help You Express Your Personality

Glasses come in a range of colors, can be made from plastic or wire, and come in many shapes and sizes. The right pair of glasses can help your child express themselves through dress and personal appearance.

If your child is having trouble seeing but feeling nervous about getting their eyes examined, consider taking your child to the eye doctor in Modesto to look at eye glasses. After looking at all the glasses possibilities, your child might be excited to see the eye doctor!

Signs Your Child Needs Glasses  

Children’s vision development should come normally. In ideal situations, your child’s eyes will grow properly and without any need for glasses. But in reality that may not always be the case. As your child develops, their eyes might inherit certain genetic disorders, which will start to give them blurry vision even in their early years. Here are common signs your child might need glasses in the future.


If your child is squinting, this is a sign that they may need glasses. You might even ask them why they are squinting and they may not realize it or they may say they’re just tired. Take note of this and see if they squint under certain circumstances, such as when they’re outside and looking at objects in the distance or close up.

Frequent Closing of the Eyes

People of all ages with vision problems often will try and “reset” their eyes by frequently closing them to try and get a better focus. See if your child does this. Your child may even rub their eyes with their fist or hands or they might put one hand over their eyes to get a better view of something they are trying to focus on. If they do this often it’s a good sign that they’re reaching a stage where they need glasses.

Frequent Headaches

When your child can’t see properly, it causes eye strain. In turn, this constant straining leads to chronic headaches. If your child is always complaining that their head hurts, you might want to bring them to the eye doctor in Modesto for a vision checkup before doing anything else.

Your child may not be able to properly vocalize that they can’t see well. They may even think that their blurred vision is normal. It’s up to you as a parent to look for signs that your child may need glasses. To schedule your child’s eye exam, please contact us today.