3 Reasons You Might Need an Emergency Eye Appointment in Modesto, CA

Scheduling an appointment with your eye doctor at Advanced Optometric Services ahead of time is convenient, but it isn’t always possible when you’re dealing with eye emergencies in Modesto, CA. We want to reassure you that our eye clinic is available for same-day appointments when you have a sudden eye health situation or injury. Below are some of the most typical reasons people request to see us as quickly as possible.

Foreign Body Stuck in Eye

From fishing hooks to a small shard of glass to a tiny piece of sand, we have seen people with all types of objects stuck in an eye that they cannot remove on their own. Unless the object is right on the surface and you can see it clearly while looking in the mirror, we urge you not to attempt to remove it at home.

Eye Infection

Here are some of the most common eye infections we treat:

  • Blepharitis: Oil glands at the base of your eye become infected, causing uncomfortable itching and burning sensations.
  • Conjunctivitis: Also known as pink eye
  • Dacryocystitis: Infection of the tear ducts
  • Keratitis: This condition can occur when a foreign body remains in your eye for too long and can cause permanent damage to the cornea.
  • Orbital cellulitis: The tissues surrounding your eyes become infected with bacteria.
  • Sty: Causes a red lump to form at the base of your eyelashes or on your eyelid.

Please contact us for immediate care as soon as you notice any of these symptoms.

Severe Eye Pain

Sudden or severe pain in your eye can result from causes too numerous to mention. We encourage you to seek relief right away.

Dr. Brandie Medina is available to treat eye emergencies in Modesto, CA on a same-day basis during regular office hours. If the situation is urgent and our clinic is not open, please report to the nearest hospital emergency department.

What Is an Eye Emergency?

Eye injuries can cause intense pain. Even when they’re not life-threatening, an injury to the delicate tissue that makes up your eye can feel like life or death. When you suffer an injury of this type, you need immediate care and treatment to prevent unnecessary discomfort. Your emergency eye doctor in Modesto, CA, should be your first call for eye injuries that are painful but not life-threatening. If you’re wondering what most eye doctors consider an emergency, we have the 4-1-1.

Common Types of Eye Emergencies

An eye injury or condition is an emergency if it threatens your life, is terribly painful, affects your vision, or could cause permanent vision loss. Many problems fall under this umbrella, including:

  • Exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Corneal scratches
  • Foreign objects in the eye
  • Blunt injuries to the eye or surrounding tissue
  • Exposure to smoke or fire
  • Other facial trauma

In some instances, untreated or poorly managed diseases such as diabetes or hypertension can mutate into an eye emergency, as well. If you’re not sure whether you need emergency care for an eye issue, call advanced optometric services right away for guidance.

What to Do Until You Get to the Eye Doctor

If your eye injury is life-threatening, go to the hospital right away. Otherwise, call your eye doctor to make a same-day appointment for emergency treatment. There are some things you can do at home until help is available, such as flushing your eyes with water in the event of chemical exposure or a foreign object in the eye. If something becomes imbedded, don’t try to remove it. Instead tape an impromptu eye shield, such as a paper cup, over the eye until you can be seen by your eye professional.

For help with emergency eye care in Modesto, CA, call Advanced Optometric Services today. One of our friendly and professional representatives is waiting to help.

What Are Eye “Floaters” and Are They Dangerous?

Sometimes, when looking around, you may notice spots or long “wormy” things that seem to be floating within your field of vision. While this can be unsettling, your eye doctor in Modesto wants you to know that floaters are often harmless and pose no significant threat to your vision.

What are Floaters?

When you see a floater, you are seeing portions of the vitreous, the clear gel-like fluid that fills up the inside of your eye. Known to shrink as you age, the vitreous sometimes pulls away from the eye wall, resulting in the small spots you may see now and then. In some cases, floaters can be caused by blood seeping into the vitreous, a common problem if you suffer from diabetic retinopathy.

How Will I Recognize a Floater?

In addition to looking like small spots, floaters can also take on the appearance of threads or cobwebs. Annoying because they move as your eyes move, floaters can usually be easily moved out of your field of vision by moving your eyes around at a somewhat rapid pace.

Are Floaters Dangerous?

The vast majority of the time, floaters are not dangerous. In fact, most floaters disappear within a few weeks or perhaps months. In very rare cases where floaters are visually debilitating or severely restricting your vision, you could undergo a vitrectomy. A mostly painless outpatient surgery, it can give you relief should your problem be severe.

When Can Floaters be Dangerous?

Once you start to notice floaters, you should always have an eye exam so your doctor can check your retina. If an underlying retinal condition is found, such as a detached retina, you will need immediate treatment. Should you ignore floaters that are resulting from a serious eye condition, blindness could be in your future.

Should you be experiencing floaters and want to learn more about them, schedule an eye exam with your eye doctor in Modesto to get answers and peace of mind.

Got Something In Your Eye? When to Get Help

It’s scary when you get something in your eye – but you can solve that problem by seeing an eye doctor in Modesto, CA. Knowing when to see the eye doctor is important. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. Knowing the signs that it’s time to see an eye doctor can help you take care of your vision and avoid serious damage. Here’s what you need to know.

You Can’t Get It Out

Whatever is stuck in your eye should come out after you blink and produce tears. If the object doesn’t come out of your eye, you may need assistance from an eye doctor who can help you get it out safely.

You Got It Out, But Your Vision Is Blurry

Did the object come out and your vision was still blurry after? Best to call the eye doctor to get an opinion. Your eye could be irritated, or it could be having a serious problem. When you contact the eye doctor, be ready to talk about what you got in your eye, how long it was there, what you’re feeling now and whether you had trouble getting the object out.

You Keep Blinking, Tearing and Nothing Is Helping

Maybe your eye keeps blinking and tearing, but you’re having a hard time telling if the object is still in your eye. It may be the object is still there, or your eye is irritated even though the object came out. Call your eye doctor.

Contact Advanced Optometric Services

To find out more about how you can take care of your vision and avoid injury to your eye, call Advanced Optometric Services to make an appointment. We provide eye exams and emergency eye care in Modesto, CA!


What to do if You Get Something in Your Eye

The surface of your eye is very fragile. There are also nerve endings that extend throughout the surface. These nerve endings let you know right away if there’s a foreign object on the surface of the eye. Something as tiny as an eyelash causes a great deal of discomfort, as you’ve probably experienced. Usually, you can get the eyelash to come away relatively easily. However, if you get something more serious in your eye, you may need emergency eye care.

How to Know if You Need Emergency Eye Care

The foreign object is anything more serious than an eyelash, chances are you need emergency eye care in Modesto. Some instances where a person has need emergency eye care include foreign objects like:

  • Small twig/yard debris
  • Wood shavings
  • Glass
  • Hazardous liquid materials such as chemicals
  • Shards of fiberglass
  • Fabric particles
  • Metal shavings

As you can imagine, many hobbies and work activities can accidentally lead to a foreign object becoming lodged in the eye. In addition, accidents and sports injuries necessitate emergency eye services.

What to Do When You Need Emergency Eye Care

  • Do not try to dislodge a solid object that doesn’t come out freely. In doing so, you may cause further damage to your eye.
  • Try to flush physical objects from the eye by cupping the eye in the palm of your hand containing clean water. You can also try running water with a water fountain or kitchen faucet.
  • Cover the eye with your clean hand or a clean cloth while traveling to your eye doctor in Modesto for emergency eye care. Have a friend drive you. Don’t drive with impaired vision. Avoid moving the eyeball as much as possible. If possible, keep the eye closed.

It’s always helpful to call your eye doctor in advance to let them know that you’re en route for emergency eye care. For more information, please contact us.