Got Something In Your Eye? When to Get Help

It’s scary when you get something in your eye – but you can solve that problem by seeing an eye doctor in Modesto, CA. Knowing when to see the eye doctor is important. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. Knowing the signs that it’s time to see an eye doctor can help you take care of your vision and avoid serious damage. Here’s what you need to know.

You Can’t Get It Out

Whatever is stuck in your eye should come out after you blink and produce tears. If the object doesn’t come out of your eye, you may need assistance from an eye doctor who can help you get it out safely.

You Got It Out, But Your Vision Is Blurry

Did the object come out and your vision was still blurry after? Best to call the eye doctor to get an opinion. Your eye could be irritated, or it could be having a serious problem. When you contact the eye doctor, be ready to talk about what you got in your eye, how long it was there, what you’re feeling now and whether you had trouble getting the object out.

You Keep Blinking, Tearing and Nothing Is Helping

Maybe your eye keeps blinking and tearing, but you’re having a hard time telling if the object is still in your eye. It may be the object is still there, or your eye is irritated even though the object came out. Call your eye doctor.

Contact Advanced Optometric Services

To find out more about how you can take care of your vision and avoid injury to your eye, call Advanced Optometric Services to make an appointment. We provide eye exams and emergency eye care in Modesto, CA!


What to do if You Get Something in Your Eye

The surface of your eye is very fragile. There are also nerve endings that extend throughout the surface. These nerve endings let you know right away if there’s a foreign object on the surface of the eye. Something as tiny as an eyelash causes a great deal of discomfort, as you’ve probably experienced. Usually, you can get the eyelash to come away relatively easily. However, if you get something more serious in your eye, you may need emergency eye care.

How to Know if You Need Emergency Eye Care

The foreign object is anything more serious than an eyelash, chances are you need emergency eye care in Modesto. Some instances where a person has need emergency eye care include foreign objects like:

  • Small twig/yard debris
  • Wood shavings
  • Glass
  • Hazardous liquid materials such as chemicals
  • Shards of fiberglass
  • Fabric particles
  • Metal shavings

As you can imagine, many hobbies and work activities can accidentally lead to a foreign object becoming lodged in the eye. In addition, accidents and sports injuries necessitate emergency eye services.

What to Do When You Need Emergency Eye Care

  • Do not try to dislodge a solid object that doesn’t come out freely. In doing so, you may cause further damage to your eye.
  • Try to flush physical objects from the eye by cupping the eye in the palm of your hand containing clean water. You can also try running water with a water fountain or kitchen faucet.
  • Cover the eye with your clean hand or a clean cloth while traveling to your eye doctor in Modesto for emergency eye care. Have a friend drive you. Don’t drive with impaired vision. Avoid moving the eyeball as much as possible. If possible, keep the eye closed.

It’s always helpful to call your eye doctor in advance to let them know that you’re en route for emergency eye care. For more information, please contact us.