At What Age Should I Start Worrying About Cataracts?

When people talk about cataracts, they often make reference to the fact that the condition has something to do with age. So you may wonder when people are most likely to develop them. We’ll look at the specifics of this condition, what the treatments are, and why it pays to know the facts.

Cloudy Lenses

You can think of the lens of your eye much like you would think of a contact lens. When you’re young, it’s clear as day. As you get older though, the lens will start to cloud. Most people will get cataracts no younger than 60 and many will have to wait another 20 or even 30 years before they have any issues.

Equal Opportunist

There does seem to be evidence that cataracts in Modesto, CA can be caused by things like too much sun or excessive smoking. However, there’s also a genetic component to cataracts as well. Whether you have one or more risk factors, though, it’s a relatively common condition that comes courtesy of the aging process.

Find an Eye Doctor in Modesto, CA

Cataract surgery is the most recommended treatment for this condition (though there are plenty of temporary solutions available too). Thankfully, surgery is one of the simplest fixes in the world. The procedure is fast and the side effects are minimal. Plus, the results are great. No longer will colors be tinted or faded. Double-vision will be a thing of the past, and you might even be able to do things like drive at night again.

Whether you’re anywhere near ‘cataract age’ or not, Advanced Optometric Services is here to help you keep your eyes as healthy as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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