3 Reasons You Might Need an Emergency Eye Appointment in Modesto, CA

Scheduling an appointment with your eye doctor at Advanced Optometric Services ahead of time is convenient, but it isn’t always possible when you’re dealing with eye emergencies in Modesto, CA. We want to reassure you that our eye clinic is available for same-day appointments when you have a sudden eye health situation or injury. Below are some of the most typical reasons people request to see us as quickly as possible.

Foreign Body Stuck in Eye

From fishing hooks to a small shard of glass to a tiny piece of sand, we have seen people with all types of objects stuck in an eye that they cannot remove on their own. Unless the object is right on the surface and you can see it clearly while looking in the mirror, we urge you not to attempt to remove it at home.

Eye Infection

Here are some of the most common eye infections we treat:

  • Blepharitis: Oil glands at the base of your eye become infected, causing uncomfortable itching and burning sensations.
  • Conjunctivitis: Also known as pink eye
  • Dacryocystitis: Infection of the tear ducts
  • Keratitis: This condition can occur when a foreign body remains in your eye for too long and can cause permanent damage to the cornea.
  • Orbital cellulitis: The tissues surrounding your eyes become infected with bacteria.
  • Sty: Causes a red lump to form at the base of your eyelashes or on your eyelid.

Please contact us for immediate care as soon as you notice any of these symptoms.

Severe Eye Pain

Sudden or severe pain in your eye can result from causes too numerous to mention. We encourage you to seek relief right away.

Dr. Brandie Medina is available to treat eye emergencies in Modesto, CA on a same-day basis during regular office hours. If the situation is urgent and our clinic is not open, please report to the nearest hospital emergency department.

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