3 Benefits of Blue Block Glasses  

Blue light has been the topic of a lot of conversation, particularly as we rely more and more on our devices in both our personal and work activities. It refers to the special type of electronic light coming from our laptops, phones, tablets, etc. For anyone who’s gotten tired of looking at their screens day-in and day-out, we’ll look at how blue light glasses in Modesto, CA, work and why they might be worth a try.

Eye Strain Reduction

Blue light may cause eye strain for computer gazers, and if you work on them for 8+ hours a day, the strain can be severe. With blue blocking glasses, those emissions are blocked by special glass. People may report that their eyes feel better, and they may even experience fewer headaches thanks to the glasses.

Retina Retention

Blue light will pierce all the way to the retina, which may impact its overall health. While there are more studies needed to back up this claim, you may be able to use blue blocking glasses as a preventative strategy against retina degeneration.

Better Sleep

It’s not always easy to sleep after you’ve been staring at social media for several hours at night. While it would be better to curb screen use an hour or two before you go to bed, you can use blue blocking glasses as a way to lessen the strain on your eyes before your head hits the pillow.

Your Eye Doctor in Modesto, CA

If you’re looking for an eye doctor in Modesto, CA who can recommend the right pair of glasses, Advanced Optometric Services has a staff you can rely on. Whether you have light sensitivity or not, it’s important to find protective eyewear that will give your eyes the support they need. Schedule an appointment today!


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